Register To Vote On Snapchat: 400,000 Users Registered


Register to vote on SnapchatSnapchat is once again, on the News and this time around its not about a new feature. As the election period gets closer and closer. Now snap chat has rolled out a new feature for voters mostly the youths. To enable them to register to vote with Snapchat during the elections. So this saves the stress of going to queue up to register. Axios also reported recently that, up to 400,000 Snapchat users have already registered to vote during the elections as of Monday evening. Snapchat’s “Register to Vote” portal states that 407,024 people have registered to vote on the app as of Tuesday afternoon. A spokesperson confirmed to the hills.

Register To Vote On Snapchat
Register To Vote On Snapchat

This is not the first time we would be experiencing this voting tool. It was also used in 2018 elections and it was also reported that up to half of those who registered through the app actually voted in that election. We might still see many people Register to vote on Snapchat, especially the young people. This is because the users we have on Snapchat today are people under the age of 30. To promote this new process, the App has decided to feature with popular politicians and celebrities like former President Barack Obama, former Ohio Governor. John Kasich, Snoop Dogg and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Not only Snapchat is rolling out this new feature. Another social media giant like Facebook has also started with their own voter registrations too. Facebook also introduced these same features in 2016 and 2018 and recorded a huge success. The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg has come out to state that the company hopes to register up to 4 million people by Election day.

This Feature is not only for the sake of registering to vote. You can also use it to locate your polling centres and get lastest voting information om your device.



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