Locked Facebook Account?: What to Do


Locked Facebook Account – Facebook, as we all know, has been coming out with very strong security guidelines over the years. This is to no surprise Because the social media giant now has over two billion users worldwide. And it all forms of cybercrimes like; frauds, scams, fake account, hackers and so many others will take place on a huge platform like Facebook. I would give you some reasons why Facebook might decide to block/suspend your account.



Reasons Why Facebook Might Have to Blocked You

  1. Opening an Account with a Foreign Phone Number
  2. Adding many friends whom friends think you are not in any way related to (especially foreigners)
  3. Using robots to get likes on your posts
  4. Another user has reported you
  5. You might have joined too many groups
  6. Underage User
  7. Someone might have tried to hack your account
  8. Impersonation
  9. Repeated attempts to log in with an incorrect password
  10. Sending of spam posts


So these are some top reasons why you might experience locked Facebook account. Unlocking your Facebook account shouldn’t be trouble if you are not violating the terms and conditions of Facebook which was listed above. Now we can talk about how to unlock your Facebook account just with some few steps.


How To Unlock Your Facebook Account

Getting back your Facebook account isn’t a big deal. The most common reason Facebook blocks an account is trying an invalid password is tried so many times on a particular account. This is the most common reason why accounts are blocked because people tend to forget their password as time goes on. So what you do is a request for a recovery password through the Email address or your phone number. If yours wasn’t blocked due to invalid login details, then try out the methods below on how to unlock your Facebook account. Facebook gives you options like;


Unlocking Facebook account
Unlocking Facebook account
  • Identifying your friends
  • Inputting your full name as used on Facebook
  • Answering some security questions
  • Providing the date of birth used on Facebook
  • Request to upload a photo of yourself.
  • Request help from a friend to help you with your locked Facebook account


One of the best and easiest way on how to unlock your Facebook account is by requesting help from a friend. WHY?….. This is because all you have to do is, select a friend which you relate with very well and a code will be sent to that person. Get the code from your friend and send it to Facebook when you are asked for it and that’s all. As simple as that

Locked Facebook account
Locked Facebook account


it has been noticed presently that some Facebook accounts have only one option which is uploading a photo of yourself or sometimes no options at all. So all you can do in this situation is to direct a message to Facebook. You can find that under HELP AND SUPPORT.







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