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Getting More Instagram Followers – Instagram which is one of the leading Social media giants today in the world is we all know has created avenues for several Brands and companies to engage their audience/clients, Create more awareness to the social world and also getting more traffic on their pages.

We also take into consideration, that if your Instagram profile isn’t large enough (having some adequate amount of followers). You won’t be able to hit enough audience for your brand or get any activity on a post you make. Getting Instagram followers has always been a hard task until today, But now I would show you some easy ways to get a good amount of organic followers on your Instagram account.

How to get more instagram followers
How to get more Instagram followers

All you need to do is show more quality and presence on your profile What do I mean??. You need to post Quality pictures that will create/build chances for conversations to take place on your post. Posting pictures with low and poor quality tends to drive followers away. Another important point which needs to be considered is your presence on the app. You can’t be inactive for about a year and expect your followers not to click on the unfollow button. I made a list below on how to get more Instagram followers. This should guide you in getting more organic Instagram followers without going against the rules set by Instagram.

How To Get More Instagram Followers.

  1. Promote your Account via other Social media platforms: You can’t just be only on Instagram searching for followers. it is advisable that you link your Account with other social media you might be on, eg; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and so many others. Just by writing your username on the bio of your Facebook or Twitter account can get you organic Instagram followers. Personally telling your friends about your account also helps. Sending them a link to your account wouldn’t cost you anything. Try this first and you will discover you just gained some followers. As simple as that.
  2. Post-Contents Your Followers Would Like: Studying what your viewers/followers would like to see is of great importance.  On Instagram today some people post contents that are not actually relevant to their brands. This sometimes isn’t accepted by the public. It won’t be nice if you open an Instagram page to post contents on sports and you start posting about entertainment. You will definitely lose followers and I can assure you that. If you have been doing that you need to stop and be specific on your contents.
  3. A Good Bio: Recent studies have shown that when people pay a visit to your Instagram profile, the first thing they look at is your Display picture and the next is your Bio(a write up about you). This is because everyone would like to know this person they haven’t met before. Make a bio more descriptive rather than just your name and location. The question on your mind right now would be, What should be on my bio??. (1) What you do for a living (2) Role (3) Aspiration (4) Hobbies

  4. Stay Away From Fake Followers: Do not fall into the scam of fake Instagram followers Because this is one thing Instagram kicks against. Its also clearly stated on the app’s Privacy policy. Don’t be too eager to get followers and then go against the rules set by Instagram because it could either get you suspended or blocked from using the app. The Instagram algorithm would easily discover you do not have organic followers when they are low interactions on your post. Buying followers might sound cool at the initial stage but you might regret it later as time goes on.
  5. Participate in Trending/Popular Conversations: Instagram isn’t just about posting pictures as people would say. You can also engage in trending matters (hashtags) that might arise from time to time. This also helps in fetching you more followers. Also, leave comments on comment sections of influencers with a huge fan base. You can also use the common phrase IFB which means I follow back.
  6. Tag Active Users: Tagging other people is on your post actually works. You can do it by mentioning them using the @ and then their username or by using the Instagram tag function. By doing this, they will surely get a notification that they were mentioned in a certain post. Tagging someone encourages them to interact on that post and make them share it too with those following them or people they are following. You can also tag people when you post stories and ask them to reshare. When they do, everyone who views their story can see your username and click to have a look at your account. If they find it interesting, then they won’t hesitate to click on the follow button. Getting more Instagram followers doesn’t sound like a big deal right?

  7. Don’t Unfollow Followers That You Follow: This is the common mistake people make that results to them losing followers on Instagram. Some users, tend to unfollow their followers after some time because they want the number of their followers to be higher than those they are following. This greed won’t take you anywhere instead it will anger your followers too and make them unfollow you too.
  8. Post At The Right Time: People make the mistake of not knowing when to post most especially about a trending issue. Posting about something that’s long past won’t be catchy to the audience. Some of them might ignore it. And move to post that they can relate with presently.
  9. Work With Instagram Insights: Instagram insight helps you learn more about your followers, performance, audience engagement, posts, stories and many more. It gives you the stats on how you performing and impressions made on your post and this can help you know what your followers want from you and make them stay by posting more of what’s entertaining to them.

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Another key point you should note is that you shouldn’t make your username so look and hard to find. Reduce the use of advanced symbols on your username. Put in more of words or numbers than symbols. Don’t stress the audience while trying to find you. Getting followers shouldn’t be a big deal if you can follow the above guidelines. Also, note that Instagram can now dictate users who purchase followers or use Bots in getting followers.





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